What is the most important muscle you have?

Your heart.

Cardiovascular (or Cardio) Conditioning is one of the most important workouts you can do for a number of reasons. Cardio workouts should be challenging as they help you get stronger, the harder you train your heart the harder you will be able to train different parts of your body but you will also see other benefits like fat loss, faster recovery, protection from heart disease and ultimately live a longer happier life.


Cardio Conditioning is defined as the enhancement of cardiovascular function due to the effort put in during exercise. When conditioned correctly your heart rate is stronger and becomes more efficient.


When conditioned your heart rate will be slower at rest but will pump in a more efficient manner allowing more blood to circulate through your system, keeping your muscles full of the nutrients they need.


A Cardio fitness regime can bring a huge amount of benefit especially if you get a personal training instructor to tailor one to your direct body type and needs. The benefits can be huge, not only will your heat become stronger and more efficient but it has been proven to help decrease blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, increase bone density, aid in weight loss and even help improve sleep.


There are many different forms of Cardio and Heart rate conditioning from exercising on a bike to running on a treadmill or even weight training. If you would like to learn more about what type of Cardio training is right for you then speak to our team at the gym in Knaresborough where I am sure we will be able to help you find the right plan.