The Hardest Part Is Walking Through The Door –

We know just how difficult it can be to walk … into a gym for the first time especially when we don’t feel that we are in the best shape we want to be, it can be a quite a scary, intimidating and challenging feeling walking in for the first time.

One of the most observed things I get told is that i can’t join the gym until I lose some weight or I need to put some muscle on before I can join the gym, Why? Surely this is why we want to join the gym in the first place!

No one ever started the gym looking like a bikini model or a Greek god, we all started somewhere but its getting started that counts making the decision to change our old habits and find the fitter healthier versions of ourselves that we want to be, its not always easy, it takes hard work and time but I guarantee the hardest part is walking through the door.

What should you expect from XS Fitness!

Be assured that here at XS Fitness if you have done the hardest bit by walking in, we will help and support you with achieving your fitness goals and needs in a positive, fun & socially interactive environment, equipped with the best fitness equipment going.

The gym needn’t be an intimidating place, you not alone when approaching unfamiliar machines and not sure how to use them, our team will help you, where and when required.

Preparation consists of some simple steps, make sure you have a water bottle, comfortable trainers, a sweat towel and clothing to ensure you can stretch and move within your chosen exercise.

Food Planning

Gaining Weight, Losing Weight & Balanced Nutritious Meals

There are so many types of opinions when it comes down to your food preparation – it completely depends on you’re your body type and what time your meal times are – your best to arrange time to discuss your food consumption with one of the team.

What to eat before arrive for your fitness session – Again this depends on you – some people swear by a banana or porridge, again what time are you training – generally an hour is long enough for the fuel to be ready be use!

Knowing the Machines

On your tour – have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve, this way you can get to understand the pieces of resistance and cardio equipment for your first session. Who ever is showing you around will discuss goals and support you where they can.

Music & Motivation

We have varied music – however a lot of people nowadays play their own music, you need be that aware that music can maintain your focus and motivation so go steady if your first time, or first time back after some time of training.

Having A Plan

You can have a plan written for you that is specific to your goal and specific to the fitness equipment at XS Fitness. You will find the internet is full of poorly experienced would be personal training personnel, so please take care when choosing any methods seen online.

GYM Etiquette

Every gym has a set of rules that needs to be adhered to, this keeps you safe and fellow members happy, and keeps the products in a reusable state – you will generally see the rules posted in locker rooms or in the gym – if you don’t see the rules any where ask one of the team members.

#1 Rule – Please put your weights away #2 Rule– Wipe down machines after use

Take A Tour

Ensure that you have had a walk round the gym, if needed book in for a gym induction – this way you can break the unfamiliar approach to the machines and get to know your surroundings.